Kelvin’s 50th - Celebratory Day of Giving!
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    We are committed to standing in the gaps of literacy, character and personal development, academic achievement, and professional preparedness that persist in our communities. We believe in the transformative power and unlimited potential of our participants. 

    Services Provided to Adult Participants:

    • Mentorship
    • One-on-One Coaching
    • Financial Literacy Education
    • Empowerment Activities & Workshops
    • Assistance with Registration: High School Equivalency / Vocational / GED Training
    • Assistance with College Registration: Applications and FAFSA
    • Access to Computers / WiFi (for the purpose of job seeking)
    • Career Readiness Training
      • Applying for Employment
      • Resume Review
      • Interview Preparation
      • Appropriate Attire & Etiquette
      • Employability Skills / Soft Skills
      • Follow Up
    • Employment Retention Services
    • Entrepreneurship Counseling
    • Expungement Referrals